Friday, 17 August 2012

My first ever post...

Well. Here goes nothing! Welcome to my blog which I have created as a result from a request by a very dear friend so that I can join in the fun with other crafters! It is fair to say that I have always enjoyed drawing, designing and making things - that is watching what other people do, seeing things while I am out and about and generally thinking "I bet I could do that!" Let's face it, you never know until you try... 
So, I have decided to use this blog to share my creations - whatever they may be - cards, scrapbook attempts, even household items.  And it is worth pointing out that I do not spend a fortune on resources - many are bought in the sale (my favourite word!), some are kindly given to me and I even make use of the things which I already have at home - and being a hoarder does help!
Enjoy looking and thanks in advance for any comments - always appreciated, please be kind ;)

Lou x 

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