Sunday, 26 August 2012

Challenge theme: Flowers
I really enjoyed putting this together! I saw someone make this type of flower at a craft fair and had a go myself at home.  I made the card the other week, having been inspired by a friend who had shared how to blend colours using different colours of ink.  As I don't have any 'fancy' equipment I simply stamped different ink pads directly onto card until I had the effect I desired.  Then used my mini flower stamps to add detail and finally used another silver butterfly.  So today when I attached the flower to the card I felt it needed embellishing a little!! I used my gold tone string to create the tassel/bow and added clear beads.  Then, using a tent peg as support (!!!) I made a green bow to act as a leafy detail.  I'm afraid to say it will have to be a special present for a special someone before I part with this!! xxx

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